Our mission:

Optimise your international
BTOB communication.

The aerospace and defense specialized press, as the reflection of the international general press, is a field in constant evolution.

The frontier between print and online evolves, publishers have a hard time finding the right business model and this is one area where PEMA, which permanently monitors the media, can help you optimize your communications investment and obtain the best ROI. We offer you a unique, customized mix of international and local, print and online, news and story-telling, opinion and analysis, and social media.

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We translate your strategic vision into a consistent and fitted communication.

Ouvrir / fermer l'ongletMedia strategy & buying

Our PEMA MEDIA HUB B2B database is the source we use for comparative analyses of the most influent international medias. It enables us to optimize our cross-media space buying.

Ouvrir / fermer l'ongletCreation, graphic design & publishing

Design of graphic line, logos, corporate and marketing brochures.

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Thanks to our integrated web studio, we can create websites, manage their content, and direct your online advertising campaigns.

Ouvrir / fermer l'ongletEconomic Intelligence

We provide you with a monitoring of the aerospace and defense ecosystem, a qualitative and quantitative benchmarking of print / online campaigns, and an analysis of the most influent twitter accounts.



Since the 1970’s, the PEMA Group has been a major actor in the development of the communication campaigns of the biggest French and European industrialists of the aerospace & defense industry. We also have expanded into the security sector in the past decade.

Our major strength lies in our multiple connections with the different professionals of this sector: P.R. professionals, publishers, writers, journalists, event organisers…


PEMA 2M IS 100%

100% Independent to better meet your expectations.
100% Specialist in the communication for the very focused field of Aerospace & Defense.
100% Passionate to understand better this broad field of High Technologies constantly evolving.



This is the number of trade media that are covered by our PEMA MEDIA HUB data base, from both editorial and advertising points of view. From Indonesia to Chile, and going through Turkey, our media department can suggest the media best-suited to your strategic goal or to your next ad, as well as the contacts to create the right « buzz », both online and off. We also analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and provide key details such as ROI, audits, cost per thousand etc. We compare the online and print media by region, type of media, type of industrial sector…

“L’île de la Jatte”, the Seine
and La Défense…
This location brings us constant

Photo de la Seine avec la Défense en arrière plan

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